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 proofreading copyediting

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Liz Broomfield of Libro Editing in her excellent article, ‘Proofreading as a career – some pointers’ aptly states: “It’s a common misconception that if someone is well-read and good at spelling, that’s going to transfer into something out of which they can make a career. There is a bit more to it than that.” With this in mind, before attempting to enter this industry it is important to fully consider whether or not you have the skills and dedication to be successful in it.

The truth about proofreading and professional paper copyediting careers.

Those who choose to buy proofreading services online will not only end up with a high quality, nearly perfect paper, but they will also avoid the stress of trying to edit the paper themselves. An online proofreader may be the difference between a high mark and a low mark on your university assignment.

A foreword from an industry veteran. A career in professional proofreading and/or copyediting has much appeal about it. The convenience of working from home and the fulfillment of being self-employed are big attractions for many people.

The SfEP provide a number of courses ranging from introductory workshops for novice beginners to advanced skills development for experienced proofreaders.

For more details, see How to Edit with Track Changes. PerfectIt by Intelligent Editing. PerfectIt finds grammar errors and typos that MS Word will not. It is also very useful for ensuring consistency in a document, with easy rule-writing for capitalization, hyphenation, spacing etc.

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