KLICK Experiences

Massimiliano Mattei

Massimilano Mattei was born in Livorno on July 5th 1976. From a young age he has two passions that he is carrying with him his whole life, surfing and cooking. After finishing his hotel diploma at the age of twenty one, he worked on the Philippines as an international cook. In 2005, due to an horrible motorcycle accident he lost the use of both of his legs. In 2010 he joined the SIL (Sport Insieme Livorno) accossiation as a wheelchair tennis player, but after a year he realised that his passion for surfing was still stronger. Therefore he built a surfboard adapted to his needs what gave him the possibility to feel the thill while riding the waves again. In 2015 he founded the association “Happy Wheels A.s.d.”, which deals with sports activities aimed at people with disabilities, mapping and geolocation of accessible places and designing tourist routes without barriers.In 2016 the „Surf4all Project“ association was founded in Tirrenia, where Massimilano is a ISA-qualified instructor of level one, where he and other employees spread the practice of surfing.

Massimiliano Mattei
Roberta Amedeo

Roberta Amadeo

I could not have found something better

In 1 year: 29.000 km by car, 40.000 km by plane, 8.000 in handbike, 1.600 km with Klaxon Klick. The most relaxing, fun, carefree and comfortable? Those with Klick: a condensate of safety, flexibility, adaptability, power, lightness, ease of use, compactness and comfort. I could not have found something better, with my spasticity problems then…now I do not lose anything at any distance, at any height and on any road surface.

Massimo Dighe

My life has changed

Klaxon KLICK represents an incredible improvement in my daily life, in terms of simplicity and reliability. The chance to unlock it in a second and leave it in the subway, into other public transport or outside small spaces makesthe KLICK  truly unique. Living in a big city like London KLICK allows me to run the city without a car and without the need for public transport, in full autonomy. My work also brings me around the world, and the opportunity that KLICK offers to be autonomous is unmatched, wherever I’ve been the KLICK attracts attention and requests for information are on the agenda .

Massimo Dighe

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