FAQs for users about Klick’s products and Klick’s world

Technical Specifications

The milage of the Klick can be resetted by pushing the “M” and “‐“ buttons for at least two seconds at the same time.
The charging time of the battery SLIM is 2.5 hours while the battery PLUS needs to be charged for 4 hours. However, both of them have no memory effect, meaning that the battery can be charged at any time and as long as you want, without the need to complete the load cycle.
The speedometer of the Klick is produced by the same manufacturer than the Klick. It has five pre‐defined speed settings, which can be selected on the display: Level 1: Speed between 0‐3 km/h Level 2: Speed between 0‐6 km/h Level 3: Speed between 0‐10 km/h Level 4: Speed between 0‐13 km/h Level 5: Speed between 0‐15 km/h
The Klick can be driven at a constant speed by proceeding as follow: pushing the “‐“ button permanently will move the Klick at a constant speed of 4,5 km/h; to return to the original settings just release the button.

Purchase Informations and Assistance

We recomend you to contact our authorized dealers, from which you have bought the Klick. The list of the dealers can be found at the website (http://en.klaxon-klick.com/klick-distributors/).
The Klicks warranty covers a period of 24 months and the battery 12 months from the date of purchase.
The Klick and its spare parts can only be bought in the stores of authorized dealers. The list can be found on our website (http://en.klaxon-klick.com/klick-distributors/).

Practical and Useful Informations

The installation of the Klick is also possible on foldable wheelchairs, to interfold your wheelchair just remove the locking pins, fixing the crossbeam on the wheelchair. We recomend you only removing one locking pin and leave the crossbeam fixed on the wheelchair.
The Klick is certified for inclines up to 10% (maximum weight 100 kg). Climbing a gradient can be eased by buying and mounting additional weight on the Klick.
The Klick is certified to overcome steps up to a high of 5 cm. (Maximim weight 100 kg)
The battery Slim can cover a distance of 20‐25 km (on flat surfaces, considering a moderate speed and user of average build). The battery PLUS on the other side can cover a distance of 45‐50 km.
The choice of the battery has no influence on the Klicks speed. Buying the battery PLUS offers you the possibility to cover a longer distance without the need to recharge the battery (see above).
The manufacturer limited the Klicks speed to 15 km/h, what is conform to the international law.
The only limitation to be pointed out refers to the transportation of lithium batteries on the plane. According to the international standard, batteries have to be stowed in a protective pack and have to be taken in the aircraft cabins. Stowing them in hold baggage is strictly forbidden. The IATA (Intrnational Air Transport Association) has set the Watt upper limit to 300 Wh. When carrying two batteries the limit is set tn 160 Wh for each. However, IATA itself leaves limitation policies up to the airline companies and we therefore recomment to get in contact with the customer service of the airline. Below you can find the specifications of the Klick batteries: ‐ PLUS Battery (418 Wh) ‐ SLIM Battery(218 Wh) ‐ FLY Battery (90 Wh)
The Klick is assembled according to the indications of the user. The personalization of the handlebar does not cause any extra costs.
There is the possibility to drive one‐handed. However the accessability and the usability of the lever has to be given at any time. Alternatively we also deliver a handlebar, allowing you to accelerate and brake through the so called “push and pull”‐principle.
No, the correct installation does not cause problems on your wheelchair. It is therefore neccessary that the installation is only carried out by specialiced workforce. To find a list of all of our distributors please visit our website (http://en.klaxon-klick.com/klick-distributors/).
Every state has its own rules in terms of road safety. We therefore want to point out, that you should inform yourself about the road regulations and make arrangements. You can also inform yourself at our dealers shop, alternatively (http://en.klaxon-klick.com/klick-distributors/).
Every Klick is delivered with our universal KLICK Linking System Klaxon® which can be adapted on different wheelchair types. To install the Klick on two different wheelchairs an additional mounting kit must be ordered. In case you own three wheelchairs two additional mounting kits have to be ordered.
The Klick is delivered with the universal KLICK Linking System Klaxon®, which allows you to connect every model. For the correct allignment of the wheelchair please contact our authorized dealers. A list can be found on our website (http://en.klaxon-klick.com/klick-distributors/).
The speed limit of the Klick cannot be changed autonomous. Every Klick is delivered with five predefined speed limits.

Do not hesitate to ever reach out to us with questions, comments, or suggestions. For other informations regarding our products, prices, services, customer care, events please send us an email to info@klaxon-klick.com.