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Klaxon Klick – The smartest mobility solution suitable for all manual wheelchair models

About us

KLAXON MOBILITY GmbH is an Austrian company located between the spectacular landscapes of Villach and Arnoldstein, in the beautiful region of Carinthia. Years ago, two dear friends in wheelchairs, both sailors , met in front of a coffee with this recurring question: “(…) it would be great to be able to move on land as easily as we sail in the sea”. Determination, tenacity and great sensitivity were the basis for the first developments. Courage, entrepreneurial spirit and the awareness of being able to meet their objectives were the first steps to establish the company in 2015. The first Klick models were born immediately with a captivating design and an innovative linking system. It is in the patented linking system where everyone can see the great innovation brought to the international market by Klaxon Mobility: moving freely, independently and with the minimum effort on difficult and uneven ground has never been so easy. The dream of facilitating the everyday life of those who move in manual wheelchairs, and not only them, has become a reality. Our catalogue includes a vast number of models to meet the different requirements, tastes and needs of every user.

KLAXON MOBILITY GmbH is the official partner ad sponsor of the WOW- Wheels On Waves project:

WOW Wheels On Waves

KLAXON KLICK – Handbike for everyday

 Klick with standard handlebar

Gamma Standard Klaxon Klick

The joy to move freely

Klick is lightweight and can easily overcome uneven terrains. It is maneuverable in small spaces and suitable for fast transfers. It is really compact and easy to load in a car or a plane. Fast and easy to install. It is a reliable companion for your strolls in complete autonomy!

Klick with tetra handlebar

Gamma Klaxon Klick Tetra

As simple as pushing and pulling

The Tetra range is ideal for your daily trips and outdoor adventures! Thanks to the “Push & Pull” technology of the Comfort Drive System, you can simply lower the handlebar bar to accelerate and to push it forward to brake safely. The special Tetra connector makes the linking and the uncoupling of your Klick even easier, so you’re always ready to go!

Model for sport

Gamma Standard Klaxon Klick

Movement and freedom with the minimum effort

Klick Hybrid combines the benefits of physical activity with a motor that provides power to assist you in pedaling. It’s a perfect blend of technology and elegance.

Quick to attach

Universal connection hub

Suitable for different settings

Safe and high level of quality

Light and easy to handle

Compact and suitable for travel
declaration of conformity
european patent office
world intellectual property organization
KWF – Kärntner Wirtschaftsförderungs Fonds

We love hearing from you, so please do not hesitate to reach us with your questions, comments, or suggestions. For any information regarding our products, prices, services, events please send us an email to or visit us on Facebook and share your experiences, stories, challenges or celebrations with us.