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Model: Power Standard Limited EditionPSL

Material: Aluminium

Motor: 48V x 750W brushless

Wheel: 14” smooth tread tyre

Display: Multifunction LCD, 5 speed settings, walking pace, USB charging port

Dedicated Buttons: Adaptive Cruise Control, Electronic Brake System, Reverse gear, Double mapping: “Sport” and “Comfort”

Battery: Lithium 48 x 11 Ah (weight 3.0 kg)

Handlebar: Aluminium, adjustable in height, depth and angle

Brakes: Double Brake system 160 mm with Electronic Brake System

Size: W 50 cm x H 90 cm x D 40 cm

Connection: KLICK Linking System Klaxon® (Worldwide Patented)

Weight: 8.5 kg (battery excluded)

Range: About 50 km (speed setting 1, ground level)

Included accessories: Battery 11 Ah with battery charger, reverse gear, LCD display, bell, foldable kickstand, splashguard

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Adaptive Cruise Control

By pressing the green button on the new multi-function control panel you can set and maintain your favourite speed on both uphill and downhill. Ideal for your trips and everyday life!

EBS - Electronic Brake System

One touch of the brake lever or a long pressure of the dedicated button is all it takes to stop the Klick without having to use the mechanical brake. During the EBS braking the energy produced will be recovered and used to recharge the battery. The mechanical brake can still be activated by applying a greater force on the brake lever, the two braking system will then merge together in a single braking action.

“Sport” and “Comfort” Mapping

Change the way the engine handles power by simply activating your favourite mapping: "Comfort" for a smooth and comfortable acceleration and "Sport" for a powerful and fast one!

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