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Among the many different devices on the market, KLAXON KLICK devices have the advantage of being small, light, compact, suitable for travel and everyday use without the need for personal assistance due to its innovative Linking System Klaxon® (Worldwide patented). The Linking System Klaxon® (Worldwide patented) connects to any handbike of the KLICK product range in seconds, allowing you to switch between your favourite KLICK handbikes with ease. The universal connection hub adapts to all manual wheelchair types, including foldable wheelchairs. Experience a new level of freedom without compromising the manoeuvrability and comfort of your manual wheelchair.

Handbike models for everyday life, trips and adventures

KLICK Electric Handbike


Light, manageable, easy to load in your car, the range of the battery is up to 25 km! Feel the joy of moving independently!

KLICK Electric Hybrid Handbike


Light, compact, equipped with the special “Push&Pull” handlebar. Quick to connect!

KLICK Electric Handbike


Manageable, compact, the range of the battery is more than 50 km! Have fun while you are doing  your day-to-day activities!

KLICK Electric Hybrid Handbike


Compact and equipped with the incredible “Push&Pull” handlebar. Quick and easy to engage, the range of the battery is up to 50 km. Explore new horizons and move independently.

KLICK Electric Hybrid Handbike


Compact and manageable. It’s perfect to take you on an adventurous cruise on the hills. Its powerful engine of 1000W  is perfect to make you feel really free!

KLICK Electric Hybrid Handbike


Compact and equipped with the special “Push&Pull” handlebar. The Powerful engine of 1000W will lead you to new adventures!

KLICK Electric Hybrid Handbike


The smallest of the range, practical and manageable. Suitable for traveling by plane, completely foldable. Very compact, it  can move in very small spaces!

KLICK Electric Hybrid Handbike


Compact, handy, foldable for an easy storage in a suitcase. With Carbon standard you will not sacrifice the comfort and the pleasure of traveling with style. Aesthetically perfect!

KLICK Electric Hybrid Handbike


The biggest in the range, it transform a normal weekend in an epic experience. Turn your ride in an explosion of adrenaline! Pure freedom and heartbeats up to 1000 bpm!

Handbike models for sports

KLICK Electric Hybrid Handbike


combines the benefits of the physical activity with the hybrid technology of an intelligent motor that assists pedaling  and provides a complementary push that can be customized and modified at any time. Feel the pleasure of the wind on your face!!

Linking System Klaxon®

Discover the easiest and fastest coupling and uncoupling system in the world!

The most revolutionary and easy patented coupling system in the world! Align, engage, with a simple click you’re ready to make memories all over the world!

The innovative Linking System Klaxon® (Worldwide patent approved) allows you to connect all the KLICK products within a few seconds. This system can be easily coupled to all types of wheelchair, ensuring safety and reliability. Experience a new level of freedom without compromising the manoeuvrability and comfort of your manual wheelchair!

Linking System Klaxon®

declaration of conformity
european patent office
world intellectual property organization

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